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Almost all regulations that life insurance companies must follow are state laws, not federal laws. And every state has its own unique set of rules, its own state insurance commission, and its own set of penalties.

This means that even a life insurance company that operates in every state will issue policies that are different in each state, simply because the governing laws are different.

This becomes very complicated and confusing when you are pursuing a life insurance claim across state lines. What happens when you’re living in Wyoming, and you’re the beneficiary of life insurance from your grandmother in Chicago—except that she bought the policy 40 years ago, when she was living in Philadelphia?

Life Insurance Laws by State

For the convenience of clients and consumers, we have compiled information about life insurance laws that apply in each state. We’re sharing what we know about life insurance applications, claim denials, and benefit payments. For people who believe in the do-it-yourself approach, we hope our work helps you deal with your life insurance problem.

For people who find it too frustrating or time-consuming to deal with insurance claim agents, we’re here to help. Our team of life insurance attorneys is standing by right now ready to answer your questions. Call our Life Insurance Law hotline at (215) 531-7961 to get advice, sympathetic understanding, or even a confidential free case evaluation for your claim.

Life Insurance Law, LLC is a nationwide network of attorneys who work with clients to recover denied or delayed life insurance claims. We work on a contingency basis, which means that we never charge you a legal fee unless we can get you a financial recovery.

If you are tired of getting the runaround from the life insurance companies, call us today. We will gladly connect you to one of our affiliated attorneys near you. No matter what state you live in or where your loved one died, we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.