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When you’re depending on life insurance benefits, a claim delay or denial can be devastating. Our life insurance attorneys can help.

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We are a Nationwide Network of Life Insurance Lawyers

Life Insurance Law, LLC is a nationwide network of attorneys who work with clients to recover denied or delayed life insurance claims. We created this network for people to get the benefits they deserve, even after their life insurance claims were denied or delayed.

Our lawyers take the guesswork out of hiring an attorney. By providing our wide range of legal experience to victims across the nation, we can get your case settled quickly and allow you the time to focus on yourself and your family.

There are never any fees unless we recover your life insurance claim.

How We Help

Our network of life insurance lawyers offer a wide range of services to beneficiaries who are having trouble with an insurance company. We can:

No matter the problem you’re having with the life insurance company, we want to hear about it. Contact the Life Insurance Lawyers today at (215) 531-7961 to find out how our attorneys can help you.

Why Choose Life Insurance Lawyers?

Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr.
Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr.
No Fees Unless You Recover


  • Are familiar with insurance company practices and policy language
  • Can aggressively represent you against the insurance company
  • Can take over your case so you can focus on taking care of your family
  • Make sure your rights and interests are protected
  • Are familiar with the tricks that insurance companies play
  • Prepare to take the insurance company to court if necessary
  • Have successfully handled denied and delayed claims.

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