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Delayed FEGLI Claim Payment

You and your family are suffering the loss of an important person. To top off the stress of the situation, your Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) benefits are taking forever to arrive. If you’re dealing with a delayed FEGLI claim, there are a few things you should know. Did My Loved One Have FEGLI Coverage? […]

Life Insurance Claim Appeal
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Winning an Appeal After Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied

When individuals obtain a life insurance policy, they are thinking about their loved ones’ future. In the event of a policyholder’s death, that coverage can provide the family with much-needed financial support. Sadly, insurance companies often deny beneficiaries the money they deserve. As they’re facing a tragedy of losing an important person in their lives, they’re […]

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Life Insurance Claims: Legal Terms

Some common legal terms and definitions: Accidental death: A case where death was unintentional due to an accident or disaster which is usually covered under a specific clause of life insurance Beneficiary: The person who receives the assets and monetary awards of the deceased, usually named in writing in both will and the insurance policy […]

The Worst Insurance Companies in America

When you see commercials for insurance agencies, they talk about ways they can help you.  A calm, reassuring voice will promise to take care of you and your family when you need help most. But one thing they almost never talk about is money—and it’s the number one reason insurance companies want you as their […]