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You and your family are suffering the loss of an important person. To top off the stress of the situation, your Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) benefits are taking forever to arrive. If you’re dealing with a delayed FEGLI claim, there are a few things you should know.

Did My Loved One Have FEGLI Coverage?

If your benefits haven’t arrived, you may be wondering if your family member had FEGLI coverage at all. But if he or she was among the millions of federal and postal employees in the U.S., chances are your loved one had this group term life insurance. Unless an employee waives coverage, he or she is automatically enrolled in basic FEGLI insurance. The payroll office where your family member worked deducted premiums from each paycheck. Individuals under 45 years of age have extra coverage without having to pay a higher premium. Employees can also pay for optional, additional FEGLI benefits. FEGLI coverage can also continue into retirement.

Entitled claimants must provide the following to receive FEGLI death benefits:

  • Claim for Death Benefits (form FE-6)
  • Certified copy of the death certificate or other proof of death
  • Agency Certification of Insurance Status

Receiving FEGLI benefits should be simple for eligible claimants. However, many people deal with delayed FEGLI claims. At the time when you need those benefits, you’re wondering if you’ll ever see them. You might have already tried making phone calls to the insurer to get answers — to no avail. The stall might start to feel like an altogether denial for benefits. However, we are telling you not to give up without speaking with an experienced life insurance lawyer. Here’s why.

Getting Help with Delayed FEGLI Claim Issues

It’s important to understand that a delay in payment is beneficial to an insurer. Delaying can cause a claimant to give up sooner or later — even when they need and deserve those benefits. When that happens, it’s one less payment the insurer has to make. However, it’s illegal to deny legitimate claimants the benefits owed to them.

If you’re dealing with delayed life insurance benefits of any kind, we welcome you to contact us for a free case evaluation. If you have a legitimate claim, we’ll take action. Our lawyers can review the details your situation, determine why your claim was denied, and move forward with seeking the benefits you deserve. At a time when you should be focusing on your family, we can take on the insurance company and get to the bottom of the delay. Then, we will make the insurance company pay.

Never give up on a life insurance delay without the advice of a life insurance lawyer. If your dealing with a delayed FEGLI claim, contact our firm for help. We have the experience to determine whether you can fight the insurance company’s decision and get your benefits immediately.