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There are a few things you should know when your New Jersey life insurance claim has been denied.

You may be aware that insurance companies have a history of dealing dishonestly with their customers.  Insurance agents are encouraged to deny or delay payment on claims, hoping that the beneficiaries will give up.  Insurance providers may also offer you a reduced amount, figuring that you will take any amount in order to avoid future dealings with them.

The most important thing you should know is that such practices are illegal and can be brought to light with the help of an experienced New Jersey life insurance attorney.

The attorneys at Life Insurance Law work to get full compensation for life insurance beneficiaries in New Jersey.  If your life insurance claim has been denied or delayed, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

What you can expect from an experienced New Jersey Life Insurance Law lawyer:

  • A free case evaluation where we go over the facts of your claim in detail
  • Explanation of all legal terms and documents
  • An attorney who will contact your provider to get a delayed claim paid fast
  • Full disclosure on court costs and attorney fees before you agree to retain counsel
  • A settlement of at least the full claim amount outlined in your insurance policy

Many claims will be denied by providers based on material misrepresentation.  This means that the policyholder provided false information, such as age or health history, that makes the policy invalid.  In these cases, a New Jersey life insurance lawyer can help you appeal the decision and may still be able to recover the full amount of your claim.

Life insurance policies in New Jersey are covered by the following consumer protection rules:

  • The “free look” period.  Any New Jersey resident buying a life insurance policy has 10 days to back out of coverage and receive a full refund of any premiums he has paid.
  • Payment grace period.  This ensures that a New Jersey life insurance policy cannot be canceled due to a reasonably late payment.  The policyholder has 30 days to make the payment, during which time the provider cannot cancel the policy or deny coverage.
  • Timely payment on claims.  When a life insurance claim is filed, a New Jersey insurance provider is required to pay the amount to the beneficiary as soon as possible and with no unreasonable delay.  Payments are typically made within a month after the provider receives proof of death.

If your life insurance company has violated any of these regulations, the attorneys at Life Insurance Law can get you compensated for the full amount of your claim.  Whether we agree on a settlement or take your case to court, our attorneys will fight for your best interests every step of the way.

If your insurance claim has been denied or delayed, call our offices today to get advice from a New Jersey life insurance attorney.