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Attorney for a Life Insurance Denial

Beneficiaries do not need to hire a life insurance lawyer. Life insurance companies will most often pay benefits with little fuss or delay. You can expect to have little or no trouble getting the payment you deserve as a beneficiary when the: Policy has been in force for decades and premiums have been paid regularly. Face […]

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Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Claims

If you’re waiting for your life insurance benefits to arrive, you’re not alone.  Many people will wait weeks or months after the death of a loved one, only to eventually be told that their claim is invalid.  The truth is, life insurance companies will look for any possible reason to deny a claim—and if they […]

Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits: How to Get What You Deserve

Just a few weeks ago, the mammoth insurance company American International Group (AIG) ended a longstanding legal investigation into its business practices. AIG agreed to pay $300 million to settle allegations it regularly denied life insurance benefits by failing to inform beneficiaries. The money will be divided among 39 state governments and the District of […]

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Life Insurance Claims: Legal Terms

Some common legal terms and definitions: Accidental death: A case where death was unintentional due to an accident or disaster which is usually covered under a specific clause of life insurance Beneficiary: The person who receives the assets and monetary awards of the deceased, usually named in writing in both will and the insurance policy […]

Hire an ERISA Claim Attorney for Job-Based Life Insurance Denials

Some employers provide a wide spectrum of benefits for their employees. While retirement accounts and health insurance policies get most of the attention, today we’ll be talking about another job benefit: life insurance. Often, corporations will buy life insurance policies to cover key employees as a way to protect their own interests; the corporation collects […]

How to Dispute Denied Life Insurance Claims

Anyone who has ever filed an insurance claim knows what a pain it can be.  From car accident claims to home damage after a storm, the mere act of reading your policy is a chore.  The terms and definitions in your coverage seem to contradict one another—and to be honest, you’re not sure what the […]

Life Insurance Delays

Insurance companies do not care about your life or your problems, but they do care about your money.  Insurance businesses want to take in as much profit as they can by selling premiums, and keep it by paying out as little as possible—even when they are presented with legitimate claims. Here are just a few […]

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Claim Denial: Suicide vs. Accidental Death

Someone you love has suddenly passed away. You’re in shock, heartbroken, and don’t know how you’re going to carry on. Then, you get a letter that accuses your family member of intentionally taking his own life. It may seem incredible, but it’s a common insurance company tactic. It’s especially common when victims had a particularly […]