Denied Life Insurance ClaimThe act of filing an insurance claim can give victims a feeling of closure. Compensation for a wrecked vehicle after a car accident, a life insurance payment after a loved one passes away—these things are often painful, but necessary for victims to process what happened and allow them to move on.

But for victims of natural disasters, filing a claim is often just the beginning.

You may have read news coverage of thousands of insurance claims being denied after Hurricane Katrina. These denials often came down to a disagreement in what caused the property damage. Many victims who submitted hurricane insurance claims were denied bases on the insurance company’s belief that flooding (which is not covered on most hurricane policies) caused the destruction.

Now, as hundreds of Americans are reeling from another major storm event, Hurricane Sandy which has been described as the worst storm in U.S. history. Victims are worried that similar denials will take place. Some will accept this initial denial, some be unable to read their policies for clarification, and others will not know how to prove how the damage was done—but all will be unable to repair and rebuild the damage the storm has caused.

The life insurance attorneys at Life Insurance Law can also help victims of natural disasters get the compensation they deserve.

We know how important it is for victims to have the resources they need to start over. Our attorneys can help you get the funds you need after a natural disaster, including losses covered under:

  • Homeowner claims. Natural disasters often cause widespread and total damage. Policyholders on home insurance may need coverage for repairs, landscaping, or even total rebuilding.
  • Business claims. A loss of business due to disaster can leave you without the means to support your family. Business losses may include office spaces, paper or filing damages and loss of computers and electronics.
  • Property damage. Those who have not lost their homes may still have major financial losses in the form of vehicles, electronic devices, furniture, and other necessities.
  • Denied Hurricane Sandy Claims. If an insurance company has denied, delayed, or underpaid your insurance claim, our attorneys can get you a fair and fast settlement.

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