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AD&D refers to “accidental death and dismemberment.” It’s a type of insurance — whether a separate policy or “rider” to their coverage — that pays beneficiaries if an accident led to the policyholder’s death or dismemberment. If you filed an AD&D claim, you’ve already faced a devastating situation. The last thing you’re likely expecting is an issue with payment. Our attorneys have assisted many people with delayed AD&D claim issues. If your legitimate claim is taking too long to process, here’s what you can do.

How AD&D Benefits Work

A policy with AD&D coverage pays policyholders or beneficiaries if an accident is fatal or causes loss of eyesight, speech, hearing, or a limb. Dismemberment coverage is generally paid based on the specific injuries the policyholder sustained.

There are some exclusions to AD&D coverage. Some of these might include death involving surgery, a drug overdose, or driving under the influence.

Taking Action Against a Delayed AD&D Claim

Insurance companies know that delaying a claim can sometimes profit them. The longer they hold off on paying, the more likely a beneficiary will eventually give up, and they will not have to pay out. This can mean countless phone calls and an exhausting runaround. Taking on an insurance company is often too much to bear after a loved one dies or sustains a severe injury. Never give up on a life insurance delay without the advice of a life insurance lawyer.

Our lawyers can get answers about a delay in payment. We’ll first review your case to determine whether you’re entitled to benefits. If so, we will find out what’s taking so long. Then, we will make the insurance company pay.

Act now if your loved one’s insurer is delaying your claim on a valid AD&D policy. Our attorneys have helped many people obtain much-needed benefits. We have the experience and knowledge to stand up to insurance companies, make them account for delays, and get you the full amount you deserve. Schedule a free consult today to find out if we can help.