Life Insurance Companies

How Much Help Can You Depend on from Your State’s Life Insurance Guaranty Association?

The American free enterprise system has proven to be the most resilient and efficient means of getting consumers the goods and services that they want. But—as we have all learned—free markets aren’t ever risk-free. Even well-established companies can fail during an economic downturn, or even when the business climate looks favorable. Insurance companies are no […]

Fighting Your Insurance Company After the Death of a Loved One

When your loved one passes away, you’re not thinking about monetary details—You cannot think at all. Family members need time to grieve.  We are given time off work, time off from school, time out of life, because dealing with any experience is too overwhelming, too difficult.  We just trust that the money we had been […]

Why The Life Insurance Company May Settle Out Of Court

Life insurance claim denial is more common than most would imagine. Because life insurance companies are in the business of making money, it’s in their best interest to deny as many claims as possible. Unfortunately for the claimant, a life insurance claim denial can be devastating financially and emotionally. However, the good news for victims […]

Insurance Company Tricks: Denying a Claim

Most insurance companies put profit margins above their customer’s needs.  They will make a lot of money by denying clams—but if they deny claims they should have paid, then they’ll make even more. The underhanded tactics some insurance companies use to deny claims range from unethical to illegal, and include racism, ignoring clients and leaving […]

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Rightful Claims?

Insurance companies are businesses like any other.  They take in money by selling premiums, and pay out when a customer has a claim.  Whatever is left, is profit. Since most insurance companies attract customers by offering low rates, the only way to increase their profit is to pay out less.  In other words: deny more […]

The Worst Insurance Companies in America

When you see commercials for insurance agencies, they talk about ways they can help you.  A calm, reassuring voice will promise to take care of you and your family when you need help most. But one thing they almost never talk about is money—and it’s the number one reason insurance companies want you as their […]