Life Insurance Law

Adoption and Life Insurance Rights

Adoptions are occasions for celebrations. Under state law, you are introducing a new individual into your family who has all the rights and benefits of a biological child including the rights of inheritance in most cases. Complications may arise regarding life insurance benefits, however, where a policy may specifically name your other children as beneficiaries […]

Accidental Death Claims: Don’t Back Down in the Face of an Insurance Company Denial

In recent years, it has become popular for consumers to purchase accidental death life insurance. This is generally available in two different forms: Standalone accidental death and dismemberment life insurance. This policy pays a benefit only if the insured person dies in an accident or loses one or more limbs or extremities. A policy of […]

Understanding The Retained Asset Account—A New Way of Collecting Life Insurance Benefits

In the past, life insurance policy claims were handled simply enough. Once the life insurance company received the proper documents, it sent a check to the beneficiary, who cashed or deposited it at his bank and used the proceeds as he wished. Today, it’s more likely that a life insurance beneficiary—we’ll call him Charley—would receive […]

How the Life Insurance Free Look Period Protects Consumers

Once upon a time—and not that long ago, either—the U.S. life insurance industry was very weakly regulated. The results were what you would probably would expect: shady insurance agent using high-pressure tactics, badgering customers into buying high-priced policies from disreputable (or nonexistent) companies that would never pay a claim. Things have become a lot better […]

The Power of the Life Insurance Incontestability Clause

Is the Insurance Company Withholding Benefits from You? The incontestability clause in life insurance policies is one of the strongest protections for a policyholder or beneficiary. While many other legal rules for insurance seem to favor the insurance companies, this rule is soundly on the side of the consumer. Remember that life insurance is a […]

Hire an ERISA Claim Attorney for Job-Based Life Insurance Denials

Some employers provide a wide spectrum of benefits for their employees. While retirement accounts and health insurance policies get most of the attention, today we’ll be talking about another job benefit: life insurance. Often, corporations will buy life insurance policies to cover key employees as a way to protect their own interests; the corporation collects […]