Life Insurance Claims

Your Heir’s Life Insurance Claim May Fail With These Key Mistakes

As life insurance lawyers, we recognize that many families use life insurance policies as the keystone of their financial planning. A beneficiary should receive the proceeds very soon after a life insurance policyholder dies. Many other death benefits may require months—sometimes even years—while the estate passes through the probate process. The swift settlement process make […]

Are YOU Owed Money from a Lost or Forgotten Life Insurance Policy?

Here’s the way life insurance is supposed to work: When a policyholder dies, the beneficiary contacts the insurance company and provides proof of death. In short order, the insurance company cuts a check to the beneficiary. Case closed. Real life often isn’t quite that neat. In recent cases that have attracted national media interest, large […]

Do I Really Need an Attorney for My Life Insurance Case?

It will surprise a lot of people when we say that most beneficiaries do not need to hire a life insurance lawyer. But it’s true. In at least nine times out of ten, life insurance companies pay the benefits that are outstanding with very little fuss or delay. It just makes good business sense for […]

Facts About Life Insurance Claims

Frequently Asked Questions Can an insurance company legitimately deny a life insurance claim? If all information on the policy is correct and it is force when the policyholder dies, a life insurance provider cannot deny a life insurance claim.  Since they are contractually obligated to pay, the only thing they can do is to withhold […]

How to Dispute Denied Life Insurance Claims

Anyone who has ever filed an insurance claim knows what a pain it can be.  From car accident claims to home damage after a storm, the mere act of reading your policy is a chore.  The terms and definitions in your coverage seem to contradict one another—and to be honest, you’re not sure what the […]

Life Insurance Companies Call Accidental Death “Suicide” to Deny Claims

Someone you love has suddenly passed away.  You’re in shock, heartbroken, and don’t know how you’re going to carry on—and then you get a letter that accuses your loved one of intentionally taking his own life. It may seem incredible, but it’s a common insurance company tactic—especially if the victim had a particularly well-paying policy. […]

How a Death at Home Can Affect Your Life Insurance Benefits

After your elderly relative was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she made one thing clear: she didn’t want to die in a hospital.  You did the right thing: you took her home, made her comfortable, and made sure she lived out her last few months exactly where she wanted to be. Today, more and more people […]

How Does Wrongful Death affect my Life Insurance Claim?

You’ll never forget the day you got the phone call: your father died. He was in a long-term care home, recently recovering from surgery.  He was doing better, you thought, but the attendant on the other end assured you that “he was just old.”  You hung up, dazed, and went through the motions of funeral […]

Still Waiting for Life Insurance Benefits after a Death at Work?

You don’t want to think about what will happen if your spouse dies unexpectedly.  While you cannot prepare for the emotional trauma, you are at least well prepared for the financial difficulties: you both have good jobs, a home, and a solid life insurance policy. But what if the unthinkable happens… and you’re not as […]

How a Life Insurance Lawsuit Fights a Denied Claim

Many people obtained life insurance policies years ago to provide financial support for their families once they passed away. Some got policies late in life but could afford the high premiums so long as they were assured their spouses or family would be provided for after their death. Others were taken out on relatives or […]