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Adoption and Life Insurance Rights

Under state law, an adopted child in your family has all the rights and benefits of a biological child. Those benefits include the rights of inheritance in most cases. However, complications may arise regarding life insurance benefits. An outdated policy may only name your other children as beneficiaries. Or, your policy may name children from […]

Your Heir’s Life Insurance Claim May Fail With These Key Mistakes

As life insurance lawyers, we recognize that many families use life insurance policies as the keystone of their financial planning. A beneficiary should receive the proceeds very soon after a life insurance policyholder dies. Many other death benefits may require months—sometimes even years—while the estate passes through the probate process. The swift settlement process make […]

How the Life Insurance Free Look Period Protects Consumers

Once upon a time—and not that long ago, either—the U.S. life insurance industry was very weakly regulated. The results were what you would probably would expect: shady insurance agent using high-pressure tactics, badgering customers into buying high-priced policies from disreputable (or nonexistent) companies that would never pay a claim. Things have become a lot better […]

The Power of the Life Insurance Incontestability Clause

Is the life insurance company withholding benefits from you? The incontestability clause is one of the strongest protections for a policyholder or beneficiary. While many other rules for insurance seem to favor the companies, this rule soundly sides of the consumer. Life insurance is a contract between two parties: the insurance company and the policyholder. A […]

Attorney for a Life Insurance Denial

Beneficiaries do not need to hire a life insurance lawyer. Life insurance companies will most often pay benefits with little fuss or delay. You can expect to have little or no trouble getting the payment you deserve as a beneficiary when the: Policy has been in force for decades and premiums have been paid regularly. Face […]

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Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Claims

If you’re waiting for your life insurance benefits to arrive, you’re not alone.  Many people will wait weeks or months after the death of a loved one, only to eventually be told that their claim is invalid.  The truth is, life insurance companies will look for any possible reason to deny a claim—and if they […]