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What to Do When Your Life Insurance Claim is Denied

You were probably shocked when you got a letter in the mail saying that your loved one’s life insurance coverage was denied.

And you’re not the only one.  An estimated 10% of rightful insurance claims will be denied every year, making millions for the insurance company and leaving the people who trusted them without a leg to stand on.

For a lot of people, the story ends there.  They accept the rejection and move on as best they can.  But others stay in the fight, winning a settlement much larger than the insurance payout they were denied.

If your life insurance claim was denied, take the following actions immediately to start building your case:

  • Call your insurance agent.  Go through your records to find the name of the person who sold you the policy.   If you don’t have a person by name, call customer service and get answers.  If you don’t understand terminology, the service person should be able to explain it to you.
  • Go up the ladder.  If the customer service rep is dismissive or unable to give you information, request to speak with his superior.  If his superior is unhelpful, talk to someone else, taking names as you go until you find someone who can answer your questions.
  • Request a written explanation.  Many companies will hesitate to provide written documents, as they can be challenged in court.  By demanding a written letter, you are asking for evidence—implying that you are willing to take your case to court if you have to.
  • Make an appeal.  Statistically, less than 1% of customers whose claims are denied will make an appeal—allowing the insurance company to get away with taking their money and providing nothing in return.
  • Get a lawyer.  Hiring an experienced life insurance lawyer will make your insurance company realize that you’re not going away.

If your life insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, our attorneys can help get you the compensation you deserve.  Contact Life Insurance Law today for a consultation.